Sunday 22 July 2018

The Magnificent Seven Ride!

My Dead Man's Hand "The Seven" arrived, a little faster than expected (actually the same time as my Dracula's America Nickstarter Package).

Here are a few quick thoughts about the product, nothing spectacular - just my initial impression.

The packaging is great, OK - its just the regular flat large letter DVD box with wraparound art - but its fun and evocative. It sets the mood for the product within.


The Miniatures within were of good quality, though from the flash and the miscasts around two of the Seven's hats - you can tell the molds will need refreshing soon. The detail could have been a little crisper too - the excessive shininess of the models shows these were done during a run. Overall, I am very happy with them (I am an experienced hobbyist with many years under my belt - this is nothing for me to sort out) but a novice might find these a little daunting with the miscasts around the hat line. 

Seven standard 2mm thick MDF Bases are included (which is good, because thats my preferred basing standard) and a little rules card (I've blurred out the rules out of respect to Great Escape Games, all by blogs are "no spoiler" blogs) with the special Rules attached to each Model. A nice (and useful) touch here, would be to have each models name on the packaging - whilst if you are a fan of the original 1960 Movie (like I am) its easy to realize "who's who", but again to a novice it might be problematic.

Overall, 4/5 Stars - Excellent little package. I'm very happy.

Thursday 19 July 2018

I WISH I WAS . . . . A WILDWEST HERO . . . .

Deciding to take a crack at Dracula's America has awakened something in me, so I've been looking at suitable Old West Miniatures Ranges to expand my existing collection of Historical (and Semi Historical) Western Miniatures.

I've got almost all of the older styled Blackwater Gulch Miniatures, plus loads of Artizan too - but the "lead hoarder" in me always wins out in the end.

I'm not planning to buy any additional Wargames Foundry, as they scale fairly small compared to other ranges - and the Black Scorpion Tombstone Range is leans towards the large side when it comes to compatibility (32mm) with the rest of my Collection.

So I plumped on some of the Dead Man's Hand Range - starting with "The Seven".

I'm not entirely sure about which ruleset to use, I actually own them all in one form or another - so it really is dealers choice. The Leading Contenders are Dead Man's Hand and the old Legends of the Old West.

The Seven are still "processing" atm, so it will be a while before they Arrive (my Dracula's America Nickstarter will be arriving first) - even so, my excitement remains quite high over taking this particular journey.